Qt Creator with non qt projects

Qt Creator is a great IDE for C/C++ development and even if it has all the powerful features we expect in a IDE it is light and performance well.

When I need to write small snippets of code I usually use a text editor like Sublime Text, Kate or any other that has at least syntax highlighting cause they are much lighter than IDEs but as soon as the project has more than few files or I need to use libraries there are some features that I really like and aren’t easily find in text editors, per example code completion or navigation through functions definitions. So I use Qt Creator for that cases. We need to select New File or Project and then Import Existing Project.

Give a name to the project and select the path where it is located.
Select the files that belong to the project.

Qt Creator will add some files to the project: project_name.config, project_name.creator, project_name.files and project_name.includes.

project_name.includes is one of the most important files because is here where we should add the paths to libraries. In this case I added the paths to STM32 standard peripheral library from ST and also CMSIS library from ARM.

Now you can use Qt Creator to develop or debug your STM32 projects per example.