OpenPilot CopterControl controlled by N950

The project I talked in the first post is about controlling a quadcopter using a mobile phone. When I thought to build a quadcopter my first approach was to build all from scratch, software, control and electronics. During my research I found OpenPilot that is all what I was looking for and with a great community so I opted to use it and as soon as possible start to contribute to it.

Because I already had some knowledge in Qt I applied to Nokia N9 Devkit with the goal of controlling the CopterControl using the mobile phone, the project have been accepted.

I’m using RN174 (WiFi-Serial link) to connect the mobile to OpenPilot CopterControl (OPCC). You can see more information here. The serial baudrate is 115200 between RN174 and OPCC. I’m sending the packets using UDP at a 20ms rate. The RN174 have a PCB antenna and that is a weakness of course, will need to do a PCB with a SMA antenna. The following image ilustrates the connection between OPCC and RN.

I use the MainPort of OPCC to talk with the RN174 so it need to be used as Telemetry.

The UAVTalk object used in the project is the GCSReceiver that simulate a controller. Every 20ms the mobile phone update the values for throttle, roll, pitch, yaw and flight-mode in OPCC. To use the GCSReceiver object we need to set the RC Input type to GCS as you can see in the next image.

The application running on the mobile phone was developed in Qt. The layout of the joysticks are the same as GCS Control, the square area is equal to a real controller instead of the circle that I did before.

And the icon :p

In the following video you can see it working:

You can clone the project here